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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Largest Sliding Glass Doors Ever?

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And now the answer to last week's PriceSpotter: European in the Hollywood Hills

WHAT: Notably, this six-bedroom, twelve-bath house has seen $1 million in Smart House technology, which means the coffee maker probably walks your dog. Additionally, there is this boastful fact: There are "16'' seamless sliding glass doors, which the seller believes is the among the largest made." There's also maid's quarters, a four-car garage, and a HD theater (the screen retracts).

PRICE: The home is located at 1754 Sunset Plaza and it's listed at $19.8 million. The official web site for the listing is here.

WINNER: The price is $18.5 million. No clear winner given that reader Geoff cheated and announced the price.