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Budget Fun: 10% Shave For Neighborhood Council

If you have been following the news cycle today, you know the Mayor announced his big budget. Included in the budget is a proposed 10% cut in funding to neighborhood councils. Here's the exact wording (download the whole beastly budget here). And this info was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Mayor: "Amend the Council policy on the Neighborhood Council Funding Program (CF 05- 0894-S5) to provide each neighborhood council with an annual allocation of $45,000 and ensure that a neighborhood council shall not have more than $145,000 in available funds at any given time. This represents a 10 percent reduction to the annual allocation to Neighborhood Councils from $50,000 to $45,000 and correspondingly reduces the maximum balance limit from $150,000 to $145,000." It also looks like privatizing the zoo (and how about selling those naming rights?) and parking meters are coming. Next, the City Council weighs in.