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CurbedWire: SCI-ARC at Indio, New Blood at PATH

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INDIO: Previewed via rendering last week, the art installation put together by SCI-ARC and the Ball-Nogues design house made its debut this weekend at Coachella. Described by the collaborators as "a unique spatial experience that absorbs festival goers into a world where they can become part of the act and escape from the heat," the thing seemed to be made of garden hoses. It reportedly misted people with water (we didn't witness that), but it was a bit underwhelming compared to the giant robot arms, bamboo skyscrapers, enormous flowerpots, and moving metallic serpents constructed by other artists/architects. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: John Molloy, former head honcho of the city's Community Redevelopment Agency, will soon be heading up LA-based PATH Partners, a nonprofit development corporation that works to end homelessness and address housing issues. With CRA, Molloy worked on controversial projects like Staples and Hollywood/Highland. He replaces Shane Goldsmith at PATH, who held the job for two years. The announcement about Molloy's hiring also indicates PATH hopes to develop 1,000 more units of homeless/low-income housing in the next five years. [Curbed InBox]

The "Serpent Mother" from San Francisco

"Hand of Man" from Taos, New Mexico


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