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Holy Canolli, How About that Carlsbad REO?

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Calling him the Hunter S. Thompson of the real estate world, the LA Times Peter Hong profiles real estate agent Jim Klinge, who sells homes in northern San Diego County. Via the paper: "Rather than downplay the greed and excess that caused the region's travails, [Klinge] revels in exposing them. He surveys the wreckage with a pocket video camera, shooting footage of vacant, once-pricey houses turned into eyesores, voiced over with his deadpan narration. Then he posts them on his website, at" In the above video, Klinge chronicles a Carlsbad REO (and his voice makes him sound like a deadringer for Michael Keaton). Despite or perhaps because of his criticism, he manages to get clients, but he's brutally honest with them. Showing a house to one woman, he points to the high school, and says: "You'll probably hear batting practice."
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