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Rent Check: Mayan Revival Bungalow in Echo Park

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We love the wacky history of this three-bedroom two-bath bungalow near Elysian Hill in Echo Park. Designed by Robert Stacy-Judd and completed in 1931, the Atwater Bungalows were built for "Socialist and peacenik" Dr. H. Gale Atwater. Influenced by Native American culture, the bungalows are constructed from thick, unfinished stucco and have Pueblo-style features in the windows, stairways and doors. Writes LA Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne (via American Bungalow magazine): "To wander through Robert Stacy-Judd's neo-adobe Atwater Bungalows ?is to be convinced that you are, first, completely isolated from city life and, second, that you are in a place that could only be Los Angeles." Hawthorne isn't the only critic to have been taken by the bungalows. David Gebhard also wrote a 1993 monograph on Stacy-Judd: "There is a surrealistic atmosphere to this design, with its undulating parapets ? oversized wooden drain spouts, projecting wood balconies and rows of vigas." If architectural pedigree doesn't impress perhaps this will: it was in Dynasty. As well as The Doors and Twins. Yes - both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joan Collins may have swept through this property. Other amenities include indoor and outdoor fireplaces, multiple balconies, an organic vegetable garden, and views of the ocean. Monthly rent: $5,000. [Photos courtesy Historic Echo Park]
· $5000 / 3br - AMAZING home featured in many movies views of the ocean!!! [Craigslist]