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Santa Monica Freeway Cap Parks Confusion Cleared

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Given the confusion on our part about those proposed freeway parks in Santa Monica, here’s an update from a staffer at the Santa Monica Planning Department: There are two freeway caps being considered. The first park is the one that was referenced in that LA Times story. That project—and Santa Monica recently applied for a grant for a feasibility study on this one---would cap the 10 Freeway near 14th –17th streets, creating a 7-acre park. One advantage to creating a park there is that it would be located near the forthcoming Expo light rail stop (what’s being called the Memorial Park stop).

Additionally, there’s discussion (but no formal movement) on a park that would cap the 10 freeway from Ocean Avenue on the west side to 4th Street on the east side, creating a 5-acre park. The nice folks at the Lookout News recently wrote about that project (it's pictured above). One of the thoughts is that putting a park would help bring together the whole Civic Center area (currently being revamped) and the forthcoming light rail station at 4th and Colorado.
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