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CurbedWire: Chapman Flats Layoff Insurance, Melrose Complaints

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DOWNTOWN: Brother, can you spare a few months free rent? Perhaps a sign of the downtown rental glut, downtown rental building Chapman Flats has launched a new layoff program. From their web site: "Chapman Introduces the "No Worry" Lease. f you lose your job you may terminate your lease with No Penalty, or Chapman will reduce your rent by 20% for 90 days." Additionally, anyone who signs a new 13-month lease gets two months free. [Curbed Staff]

MELROSE AVE: A reader would like to share his unhappiness about the situation at Melrose and La Cieneg. "There is an ugly eyesore boarded up crapshack on the corner that was abandoned by whoever thought it was smart to rebuild their new store from scratch. now the empty framework is up for lease. It's been an eyesore for almost two years! Anyone know whats going on? Does the city allow developers to have busted up junk sit around like this indefinitely? Even the boarded up crapshack up the street on melrose that was going to be a concept retail store is finally getting built out by the owner (not the retail company, who left) and is asking for leases. Someone needs to finish this building on la cien and melrose!!!" [Curbed InBox]