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Crazy Santa Monica Exercisers May Get Their Own Stairs

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There's an update in that story about the Santa Monica exercisers who have overtaken the median and stairways around Fourth Street and Adelaide Drive.The Argonaut reports that earlier this month, the Santa Monica City Council voted to look into various suggestions to appease local homeowners who are tired of the exercisers taking over the stairs and sidewalks (video evidence here), and leaving behind their plastic water bottles. Some of what Santa Monica is considering, according to the paper:

"The various suggestions include restricting group use on the Fourth Street median, restricting access to the street stairs during the night, further parking restrictions and the proposed construction of alternative recreational stairs leading from Palisades Park down to the beach. Among other recommendations are updating signage near the median for available restrooms and parking, incorporating regular trash pickup at the site and forming a good neighbor working group." Containment of the exercisers seems like an excellent strategy.
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