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Downtown's 600 Spring Getting Balconies--And a Big Paint Job

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First holes were punched in the base of 600 Spring, leading some people to think developer Barry Shy was going to mount cannons in the bottom of the under-renovation building and then mysterious red balcony-looking structures were added. Once again, let's go to the source to find out what's going on. In response to emailed questions, Shy writes back: "The balconies are real and the red is only the primer. I intend to paint the entire building and the balconies. I have not determined the color yet. Any suggestions?" Suggest away, dear readers. A few options are pictured.

His email continues: "The balconies will have a glass railing with stainless steel frame. I designed the balconies in order to give the building a more residential look, rather than office building. I also placed many openings in the base of the building, which, give the building warmer and friendlier look ( before it looked like a big box). I have great consideration for the look of the building, since I own several building around it..."

Meanwhile, what color should Shy paint the building? Here's an example of his SB Grand at 5th and Broadway. He's gone with a clay red color for the base.