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WeHo Taxi Rates Set to Raise

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Hey, drunkies, soon you'll have to pay more to come home from a West Hollywood bar: Last week, the West Hollywood city council approved to a rate hike for cabs. The rates, which'll rise on July 1, 2009 are as follows: The flat rate from LAX will go from $35-$40. And then the other rates will rise to match Los Angeles' current rates. Starting costs, or what kicks off the ride will is a $2.85 fee and then it'll be 30 cents for each additional one/ninth of a mile or 30 cents for each 37 seconds waiting/delays. Why the hike? West Hollywood taxi specialist Rob Winrader, tells us: "Absent a regional taxi system, this is our best attempt to approve a fair taxi rate for the region. Our rate has been lower than municipalities for the last years." He also added that if Los Angeles raises its taxi rates, then West Hollywood will also raise its rates.