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CurbedWire: Invincible Cities, Watch the Bees on Commute Home

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[Not Los Angeles, but it could be. Richmond, CA. Photo via Invincible Cities]
USA: It's being call a "Herculean accomplishment" by sociologist and photographer Camilo José Vergara, who has created an interactive web archive called "Invincible Cities. Called a "A Visual Encyclopedia of the American Ghetto," we get more info about the photo project via Flavorpill: "Invincible Cities captures more than three decades of changing streetscapes in Harlem, NY, Richmond, CA, and Camden, NJ. Trace shifting communities via photographs shot from the same vantage point throughout recent history." Go scroll around the web site here. [Flavorpill]

LOS ANGELES: If Twitter doesn't accidentally start WWIII, it might actually prove useful. And furthering proving its usefulness in regards to Los Angeles traffic, check out this breaking news tweet: "A swarm of bee's is on the 10 East in Santa Monica! Ah bee's (Homers vc)" Be safe, everyone! [Twitter]