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Latest Parker Center Controversy to Fester

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The issue with naming the new LAPD headquarters after divisive LAPD police chief William H. Parker was punted to next week, reports blogger Jasmyne Cannick. The new Civic Center HQ is set to open in November to replace the Parker Center—the old, aging HQ—and councilmember Bernard Parks has previously recommended keeping the old name for the new structure. It was decided at yesterday's police commission hearing that a final recommendation on the name would be taken up on Tuesday, though the city council will ultimately make the final decision. Cannick reports that people, including herself and former Urban League director John Mack, made their displeasure over the Parker name clear to the commission. Parks, meanwhile, says that the era that Parker operated in should be considered by critics, and that the names of structures follow them even when they're torn down and rebuilt. [JasmyneCannick]

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