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CurbedWire: View from Mar Vista, Downtown Marriott Owner Bankruptcy

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MAR VISTA: The changing skyline of Century City can be seen from Grand View Blvd in Mar Vista; arrow points to the Related Co's Century project aka Candy Spelling's penthouse. More changes are afoot given the news of the proposed Century Plaza Hotel redo and the Westfield development. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: Because it's been less than 24 hours since a bankruptcy was mentioned on the site, we turn to LA Land. "L.A. Hotel Venture filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today in an effort to stave off creditors, access cash and to keep its Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles open for business. The filing lists about $500 million of debt and about $100 million in assets for the company owned by businessman Ezri Namvar." Namvar, of course, is better known as the West Coast Bernie Madoff. The Marriott referenced is at Figueroa and 3rd street. [LA Times]