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CD13 Worries: Don't Worry About Graffiti, But More Police, Please

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The results of an online poll sponsored by City Council President Eric Garcetti's political campaign are in. What to learn? 560 respondents answered, and his political campaign staff estimate that 75 percent of the respondents live in Council District 13, a neighborhood encompassing neighborhoods from Hollywood to Silver Lake to Temple-Beverly, Koreatown to Historic Filipinotow to Glassell Park to Atwater Village (and more). According to the survey, the broken window theory could be tossed. Graffiti removal is not a huge public safety priority for respondents in comparison to, say, bringing on the Fuzz. The top priority in the survey reveals respondents want more "direct monitoring of their neighborhoods through frequent police patrols." Also, respondents believe the children are our future. We need to teach them well, with 28% citing the need for afterschool youth programs. And the third highest priority is programs to retrain former gang members. Actually, intervention programs for youth and former gang members scored well in all three rounds of the survey, indicating greater support for these programs than LAPD-monitored cameras, graffiti removal, and neighborhood beautification programs. Given some of the recent gang activity in these areas, not entirely surprising answers.
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