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New Dorms Planned for UCLA's Hill

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While work continues on the University Gateway project, USC's student housing development, across town the Daily Bruin is reporting that UCLA will get four new dorms on the Hill by the year 2013, all part of a plan to be "able to guarantee four years of housing to incoming freshman and two years to transfer students," Pete Angelis, the assistance vice chancellor of Housing and Hospitality Services, tells the paper. The university has already set construction hours: work will start at 7 am. The Daily Bruin dutifully finds a student to worry about this news. David Park, a physics student in his first year at UCLA: "Seven o’clock construction seems like an early wake-up call,”." There's also a short video by the Bruin which is not to be missed; one parent says the new dorms are needed and students note that space for more students will only add to already crowded classrooms. [Daily Bruin]


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