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Sleepy San Gabriel Mission District May Be Woken Up

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If city officials in San Gabriel approve the planned Mission Valley project on April 21, construction on the downtown project could start this summer, reports the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. The project, which is being developed by TSCP Investment, and which officials hope will change the "sleepy" character of the Mission District, would contain a 54,000-square-foot hotel, 14,000 square feet of restaurant space, 3,500 square feet of retail and 30 condos. According to the city's web site, the project would rise on the "under-utilized park-and-ride lot" near the South Mission Drive and Carmelita Street. Naturally, locals are piping up about size and scale, and here's Councilman Mario De La Torre's opinion: "... he believes residents support some development in the Mission District, but it should be on a smaller scale. 'They know there needs to be development, but it has to be responsible and well thought out,' he said. 'I'd like us to stay within the guidelines of the Mission District.'" Among other things, the project would require three code variance changes, including two for higher heights, and one for floor-area ratio.

· San Gabriel's Mission District revitalization plan going to City Council [SGVT]