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Get Up, Lumbering Tower: Mayor's Coming to Ride New Gold Line

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The lumbering giant seen above at the under-construction Gold Line Soto stop in Boyle Heights is actually a piece of artwork from artist Nobuho Nagasawa that'll eventually look like the rendering (looks like another piece is coming). Nagasawa is also doing more work inside the station itself, while all the new Gold Line stops are getting some form of public art. Meanwhile, here's news that is making MTA employees sweat: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (or his minions) has sent out a decree that he plans to ride the new Gold Line extension on June 19th. We've only heard a "summer finish" date for the six-mile Gold Line Eastside Extension, which'll go from Union Station to East LA, and some MTA staffers are worried the line won't be done by that date. UPDATE: A MTA spokesperson gives conflicting information and says that Nagasawa only is doing the artwork in the station and not the tower. But another MTA staffer tells us Nagasawa did the tower. We'll update shortly.
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