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CurbedWire: Waiting for 655 Hope, A + D Museum Leaving Wilshire

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DOWNTOWN: Right next door to now-in-Chapter 11-but-who-isn't-at-this-point Roosevelt Lofts is 655 Hope, that green tower of an office conversion that has been a little delayed in opening. The latest news comes from a March Downtown News real estate round-up: "The 17-story adaptive reuse project has pushed back its target opening date again, this time from last October to late April, said Larry Carr, project manager for developer SECK Group, LLC. The development has encountered a number of construction-related delays, which have also pushed the cost from $15 million to about $17 million, Carr said." [Downtown News]

MID-WILSHIRE: Earlier this year, the Architect's Newspaper blog reported that the A + D Architecture and Design Museum would be vacating its space at 5900 Wilshire Boulevard and head somewhere else (not yet announced). Tomorrow is the last day for the museum, according to the blog. [Architect's Newspaper]