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Peter Zumthor Won the Pritzker Prize and You Didn't

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Everyone got up this morning and Googled "Peter Zumthor" to find out about this year's Pritzker winner. He is described as a "reclusive, introverted Swiss architect" by Bloomberg architecture critic James S. Russell, who adds that in their choice of Zumthor for architecture's top prize, the jury "concluded that this was not the year to focus on showy bravura." According to the New York Times, the "project most closely associated with Mr. Zumthor is the spa he completed in 1996 for the Hotel Therme in Vals, an Alpine village in Switzerland. Using slabs of quartzite that evoke stacked Roman bricks, Mr. Zumthor created a contemporary take on the baths of antiquity." A link to more images of his work can be seen here. [Bloomberg]