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Controversial Glendale Development Nixed

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That controversial three-story development proposed for the former site of Foothill Building and Lumber at 3522 Foothill Blvd was shot down by the Glendale City Council, the Glendale-News Press reported last week. The project got plenty of attention when a group of locals used a rented boom lift and balloons to try and confirm the proposed height of the building after the developer denied them the right to measure the building (the police shut down the group's efforts before they could adequately measure anything). Via the Glendale News-Press:" The main quagmire facing the board was two abutting zones with competing building allowances. The commercial zone allows for a maximum building height of 50 feet, but it abuts a residential zone comprising single-family homes owned by people who cherish their rural neighborhood and mountain vistas, which they argue would be harmed by the proposed project. Wary of setting a precedent without any firm guidelines on how to reconcile competing property rights, board members denied the project, leaving the City Council to grapple with the dilemma." According to the paper, the developer may appeal. [GNP]