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New To Market: Big Bush, Small Bungalow in Echo Park

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Given its declining price value, it probably isn't a flip, but this home looks like it could be the work of those famous Echo Park flippers. Described as a "1926 Echo Park picturesque bungalow on one the neighborhood's most desirable streets," this two-bedroom, one-bath residence is listed at $599,000. No square footage is given in the listing, but Property Shark lists the home as being 832 square feet. On the upside, you get a very roomy bush. The home last sold in the more bubblicious period of April 2007 for $676,500. And before that, it sold in February 2006 for $575,000.
· 2030 CERRO GORDO St [Redfin]
· 2030 Cerro Gordo [Official Site]