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Controversial New LAPD Headquarters Still Controversial

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Come November, the boys and girls in blue are set to move into the glassy, new LAPD headquarters at Second and Main. Following the initial controversy caused over building on a site planned as a park, and then the detailed rising construction costs, there's fresh drama over a plan by city councilman and former police chief Bernard Parks to name the new structure after William Parker, LA's chief of police from 1950-1966 (the Watts riots took place during his tenure). According to the Los Angeles Times, which condemned the name change, Parker turned the LAPD into an anti-minority paramilitary operation, and has been quoted spouting racist rhetoric (see a video here from blogger Jasmyne Cannick). Parks says the Parker Center name should stay for "continuity," since that's what the old earthquake-damaged HQ was called. Parks' measure last week now awaits action by the council as a whole—tomorrow the civilian Police Commission will make a recommendation to lawmakers.
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