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Sam Nazarian's Bird Streets Home Hits Market

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Real Estalker breaks the news that SBE CEO and founder Sam Nazarian's five-bedroom, three-bath home on Oriole Drive has been listed for $18.95 million and Luxist digs up the photos. You may recognize this home from an "Entourage" episode. You may recognize the house because you're some pretty young thing that has been here for a party. Either way, Nazarian, as Real Estalker points out, has owned numerous homes in Los Angeles, so it's not surprising he's moving on from this one. A little backstory: Before he owned this home, he lived in a home belonging to Jennifer Lopez, a residence located in the gated community. The Summit. And it was in that home the New Yorker's Dana Goodyear interviewed him a few years ago as part of a bigger profile about the hotel/nightlife/restaurant entrepreneur. And it's in that interview in which Nazarian recounts finding J. Lo's loofah left behind in the shower. He kept it. The amusing paragraph, which contains more info about Nazarian's real estate history, is after the jump.

Excerpt from Out on the Town, by Dana Goodyear, New Yorker, 2005:
(Scene: Goodyear is in the house, not the one pictured, but his previous property, doing the interview)

"Until recently, Nazarian had been living in “an amazing little house” (four thousand square feet in Brentwood, near the Getty Center) where, he said, “I had a three-hundred-degree view of L.A. And you could walk around butt-ass naked there.”

The Lopez house wasn’t yet on the market when he saw it, but, he said, “I literally made an offer, and the next day we’re in escrow, and thirty days later we just closed.” (He characterizes the sale of the Brentwood house as having set a per-square-foot record.) A few minutes passed, in which he recounted the origins of his new friendship with Quincy Jones and showed off the screening room that Lopez had installed for her ex-fiancé Ben Affleck. Then, leading the way through the master bedroom and into a white-tile-and-turquoise-glass bathroom, with a white ostrich-skin upholstered vanity stool and an immense walk-in closet, he said, “Let me show you one thing J-Lo left behind. This is the ‘hers’ bathroom. I’m like, Why do women have to have the big bathroom? I took it.” He went into the shower and emerged with a white plastic loofah on a rope. “Everyone I know says to sell it on eBay. No! I look at it every morning when I get in the shower.”

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