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CurbedWire: Red Eyelashes Blinking At 600 Spring*, Concerto Sales Office

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DOWNTOWN: First developer Barry Shy punched windows at 600 Spring, and then he added balconies, and now he's painted them red. What will he do next? Such excitement. As previously covered, this building is being converted into apartments. UPDATE: We just realized they may be awnings or something else, and not unfinished balconies, so shouldn't have assumed they are balconies. Whatever they are, they are red! [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: Anyone who signed up for email alerts about the Concerto development at 9th and Fig in downtown recently got a mailer announcing that the sales office for the building is now open. Additionally, the web site is up and running. Also, the building really stands out now when you're driving on the 10 Freeway--shiny! [Curbed Inbox]