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No One Wants to Be a Crosswalk Guard

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The New York Times is reporting that given the rise of traffic accident involving children around schools, Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo's office will offer a program that'll train parents on traffic and safety issue. Via the paper: "The number of serious traffic incidents involving schoolchildren across the 900 Los Angeles public schools has significantly increased, particularly around middle schools, which are not staffed by crossing guards, school administrators and law enforcement officials say. Last year, two eighth-grade girls in Wilmington, near the Port of Los Angeles, were hit by vehicles near school, and one girl was left partly paralyzed." There are numerous problems, according to the paper, including the following: Parents don't want to let their kids walk to school because of concerns about crime and safety; there aren't enough crosswalks so kids crowd into the streets; money to pay for crossing guards has decreased; and there's less interest in working as a crossing guard, anyway, on the part of the public. This is by no means just a Los Angeles issue: The Glendale News-Press has been following community traffic concerns following numerous accidents around schools in that city. [NY Times]