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PriceSpotter: Venice Spec House Redo Hits Market

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PriceSpotter is Curbed's guessing game. This week, please guess the asking price of this home. The answer will be revealed on Monday.

WHAT: This newly listed home on Palms (east of Lincoln) is partly a renovation of an existing home, with an add on. It hit the market last year for $1.988 million, but then dropped to $1.688 million before being taken of the market altogether. Because the renovation failed to bring in buyers, the first architect was brought back to redo the home. We visited the home in March when the second renovation was nearly finished. You can see the whole Flickr set here..

MORE INFO: It's a three-bedroom, two and half bath home. It's 2,800 square feet. It was listed three days ago.

AND MORE: The original home sold in May 2007 for $720,000 before the first renovation started.
Guesses in the comments.