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CurbedWire: Growing an Edible Garden in Venice

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: Since the Great Depression is encouraging a garden movement and soon we'll all be nibbling on twigs, this edible garden on Palms in Venice caught our eye. Here's the text on the first sign (above). "Heart Beet Gardening is in the process of installing an edible landscape. Rather than pouring water onto an unused lawn, the residents of 1010 Palms have decided to repurpose this space to grow fruit, herbs, and vegetables. What you see in front of you is a stage in that process." According to this EcoStiletto story about the company, you pay a fee for Los Angeles-based Heart Beet Gardening to come install (and possibly maintain) a garden. You can learn more about the company via their official web site. And it sounds like they work with all types of organizations. From the Heart Beet site: "We are a business working towards urban sustainability in Los Angeles by helping people grow their own food. We design, install, and maintain organic vegetable gardens for households, schools, and communities." [Curbed Staff]