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Different City, Same Complaints

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Candy & Candy, the uber-brother development team behind the now stalled Beverly Hills project, are in the headlines for their efforts to unload their upscale One Hyde Park building in London, but the notable bit about the Evening Standard piece has do with the comments on the page (for anyone who regularly reads the comments on Curbed, you'll recognize some of the same gripes). Reaction to the condos: Emily, London: "I think they're amazing - I'd love to own one and have Hyde Park as my garden! As for traffic, we get grid lock traffic every time Chelsea FC play but you don't see us complaining! If you want peace and quiet and no traffic, why are you living in the Capital of the UK?"; Doug Hodson, Maidenhead UK: "One word OBSCENE." Gillian, London, UK: "Yes. This stupid project has tied up the traffic around here for years. Who pays for that?" [Evening Standard]