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Pastel Office Condos Out, Mid-City Development Opportunity In

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Since the beginning of time, or at least for the last year, a colorful sign at the corner of Washington Blvd and La Brea has advertised forthcoming office condos. As of this week, the lot is now for sale on Loopnet. They're asking $1.9 million for the 12,894-square foot lot. From the listing: "AVAILABLE: Prime Signalized Corner Vacant Land with Billboard. Zoned LA-C2, the land is at the Major Signalized Intersection of La Brea/Washington. In close proximity to the the 10 freeway, this corner benfits from heavy traffic count, maximum exposure, and high visibility. In CRA Mid City Corridor Redevelopment Zone with FAR of 6:1. Approximately $2000/month of existing income from Billboard and Perimeter Fencing."
· C2 Vacant Land w/ Billboard - Major Corner [Loopnet; registration required]