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CurbedWire: What's Up in the Dell, Studio City Auction

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HOLLYWOOD DELL: Farmer in the dell? How about just a developer in the dell that can let everyone know what's going on? A reader writes: "Curious if you know anything about the townhomes at 2020 Holly Drive? I live in the area, they've been complete for a while, went to an open house once but when I saw how much they were asking thought, "Surely, you jest?"When I drive by, it seems that most of the properties remain vacant and their website is down as well. I could be wrong but curious if you know anything?" We wrote about these townhomes, which were priced $799,000-$935,000, last year. [Curbed InBox]

STUDIO CITY: Everyone is liquidating: A real estate agent sends in word of an auction in Studio City. He writes: "Great Town home Auction to be held at noon May 17, 2009 at 10866 Bluffside Drive, Studio City, Ca. Suggested opening bids 50% original list prices. Townhomes on 3 levels, 3 bedrooms & 2,5 bathrooms. These homes have estate like features. Visit our web site for full details." It looks like you have to register to get more information about prices, but a screen shot of the condo project is after the jump. [Curbed Staff]