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Zipcar Gets A Feature, 10 Parking Spots

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Zipcar, which got a big feature in yesterday's New York Times magazine, will now be getting 10 parking spots around USC and UCLA, an expansion of a program that Zipcar had originally launched and then scaled back on. Upon the successful completion of the pilot program, the city will consider expanding car sharing to other areas including Venice, Hollywood, and downtown, according to the press release. Meanwhile, here's Streetsblog's take on the program: "While the Council deserves credit for promoting alternative transportation at the expense of public parking, this is just a baby step to getting a city-wide car sharing program. If the city wants to live up to its rhetoric on the importance of car sharing, it could always embrace the Philadelphia model, where they cut their take-home program for city employees and use the money to embrace in a car-sharing program that could be used for both city employees and residents."
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405 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA