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CIM Apologizes for Supergraphics, Still in Doghouse

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After the Los Angeles Times called out developer CIM for throwing up numerous unpermitted supergraphics on buildings in Hollywood and other neighborhoods last month, the developer wrote a letter of apology to City Council President Eric Garcetti's office and has agreed to take down Statue of Liberty images from three buildings. But CIM hasn't removed numerous other unpermitted signs (these signs can bring in $100,000 per month), so redevelopment commissioner Madeline Janis tells the paper she remains very displeased with the private development company. Via the paper: "[Janis] said she would not support any additional agreements with CIM Group unless it makes an apology and takes down all of its unpermitted signs. "Unless they make it clear that they were at fault, I personally am not going to be looking positively at any application they make," she said. Of course, this is an important issue since CIM wants the city to declare a sign district around its Midtown Crossing shopping development so the developer can swath more supergraphics all over the project. Meanwhile, who doesn't love the woe-is-me- statement faxed to the LA Times by CIM? Via the Times: "In a brief written statement Friday, CIM Group said that it "has been and continues to remove signs" as requested by the city." And more of the statement: "CIM will continue to work with the city of Los Angeles to enhance the quality of life in our city despite these difficult economic times." [LA Times]