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Big German Push

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In these terribly tough economic times, it's always good to remember the tourists, and the Sacramento Biz Journal is reporting that in a push to attract more Germans, the California Travel and Tourism Commission has introduced a new German web site complete with lots of photos of California. Via the Sacramento Biz Journal: “Germany, our fifth-largest [international] market, loves the California lifestyle, and research shows that although 49 percent of German travelers book their air tickets via travel agents, their decision on where to visit is made largely by Internet research,” said Caroline Beteta, president of the CTTC. She also told the Sacramento Biz Journal: “We cannot take any markets for granted in today’s economy." For those wondering who else comes to visit California, the top markets are as follows, according to Dan Mishell at the CTTC: Mexico, Canada (not classified as overseas, obvs), followed the UK, Japan, and Germany. And the German web site is here. [Sacramento Biz Journal]