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Another Gehry Building Springs a Leak

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Frank Gehry seems to be having a tough year, despite all the tributes on his 80th birthday. He admits disappointment that the Grand Ave and Atlantic Yards projects have stalled. MIT is suing him for design flaws because the Stata Center has a couple of cracks and drainage problems. And now comes news that the Gehry-designed Art Gallery of Ontario has sprung a couple of leaks, too. Apparently the "windows in the museum's sweeping Galleria Italia have been coated with condensation, and several buckets have been placed along the grand central staircase to catch drips from above. Towels have been draped over the staircase's railings, and portable fans have been brought in to keep air flowing." But the senior project on the redesign claims the problems are small and "soluble" (maybe he meant solvable?) and they are taking steps to remedy the leaks. Gehry's condensation conundrums are reminding us more and more these days of another famous Frank who was known for springing a couple of leaks.
· New Gehry Building in Toronto Sprouts Leaks [ARTINFO]