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ConstructionWatch: La Terrasse on Doheny Drive

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Yes, people are still building: Meet La Terrasse, 20-unit development at 447 Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills. According to listing agent Brian Adler, the units will be sized from 2,000-4,000 square feet (that size includes two penthouses on the fifth floor), and the developer is Balo Development Group, the same group that did Villa Veneto in Studio City, a twenty-two condominium building that has the random distinction of holding the nation’s tallest residential water feature in a condominium building. Back to La Terrasse: It'll be finished next year. Given its location--this building is walking distance to Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Blvd, and Robertson Blvd--it'll be interesting to see how these ones are priced.
· La Terrasse [Villa Veneto site]