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CurbedWire: Barn Lofts Construction, Easy As That in Esprit

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ARTS DISTRICT: It appears that Barn Lofts at 940 East 2nd Street in the Arts District is now without a roof and awaiting a new one (and in some of the shots, you can see the windows of the new units). This project has had some hiccups: It had to get a new loan at one point, but it looks like work is slowly still progressing on the 1909 brick building. Barn Lofts was once used for the storage of sugarcane and sugar beets and is now being transformed into 38 condominiums (at least they were planned as condos) ranging from 1,200 to 2,300 square feet. [Curbed Staff]

: Last October, Esprit, a new rental development, was advertising a free iPhone if you signed a 12-month lease. Now they've upped the deal. Via the Inbox: "I would like to offer Curbed LA readers a special offer - any one who refers a friend to Esprit Marina del Rey receives $1000 upon their move-in! All they have to do is tell their friend to mention that they saw the offer on Curbed LA and as soon as their friend moves in - they get $1000! Its as easy as that!" If there's some sort of pyramid scheme that can be figured out with this, leave your suggestions in comments. [Curbed Inbox]