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Gassy Downtown School Nabs Construction Award

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It's been a long road for the recently-opened Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, formerly known as the Belmont Learning Center. The school at 1st and Beaudry was scheduled to be built in 1988, but environmental concerns and the discovery of toxic gases and earthquake faults complicated matters greatly. Part of the half-built school was demolished in 2004 and $300 million-350 million later, the green monster you see now was erected, complete with a 10-acre park nearby. The Hensel Phelps Construction Company of Colorado was honored for its "work building strong working ties with a variety of contractors, owner groups, and state and local agencies" during the never-ending building process. Hensel took home the Associated General Contractors of America's Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award. It's a mouthful, but certainly nothing to sneeze at.