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Wither Your North Hollywood Art Wave? Still Going, Says Lowe

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In a Rumblings & Bumblings question last week, a reader asked about the status of the NoHo Art Wave, that transit-orientated $1 billion, yes, billion, development in North Hollywood. Built around the Metro Red and Orange line terminals near Lankersheim, the proposed project, which was announced back in fall 2007, would consist of 562 housing units, 1.72 million square feet of retail, three office towers, a new YMCA, community buildings and 6,200 parking spaces. Brentwood-based Lowe Enterprises was awarded the contract by Metro, so let's get an update from them, shall we? Thomas Wulf, senior vice president for the Lowe Enterprises Real Estate Group, writes in an email: "While the current economic climate presents obvious challenges to any real estate development, we at Lowe continue to work with Metro on the initial planning and entitlement process so that the project can continue to move forward. A development project of this scope and complexity requires a significant investment of time and we are committed to devoting as much time as necessary up front to ensure that this is a successful project within the City and the North Hollywood community. Thanks for your interest and we will be sure to keep you on our distribution for any future releases going forward." Tide yourself over by gazing at all the renderings by AC Martin Partners

And via the Daily News: