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The Catch: "Kegerator" and "Trampomaline" In Koreatown

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What/Where: One bedroom available in a two-story, six bedroom house in Koreatown. The room is "one of the bigger ones in the house, about 13 by 15 foot, plus a large closet. The room has two doors (for being very sneaky). It was recently painted, and looks nice, but if you want to be a dick about it, and change the color we don’t give a shit."

Sounds good, right?: According to the listing, "with all utilities included, the rent is $650 a month. There is no lease; everything is done month-to-month, so no huge commitment." In terms of amenities, there is "a kick ass living room, a big ol kitchen, and yes even a dinning room. (use primarily for black jack)." There's also a front porch where "all smoky ladies hang out," and a 2,400 square foot back yard.

The Catch: We're not sure where to start with this one. It's clear that this ad is for fans of The Man Show, Ultimate Fighting, and beer. Expect your roommates to throw theme parties "(including a "Top Gun" Goose wake)," store their porn in the bathroom (listed as one of the "pros"), and bestow upon you a "Kick ass nickname." The house also includes a Kegerator, Trampomaline, and in the backyard a “' buster hymen' memorial sexagon (once again for the idiots, that’s the proper name for a six sided gazebo.") Classy.
· $540 Awesome calling, are you there? (Korea Town (Bitches!)) [Craigslist]
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