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Breezy: Airplane Architecture

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One of the most emailed stories on the LA Times web site concerns the Jumbo Hostel, a jet that's parked near the runways of the Arlanda-Stockholm International Airport. A regular jumbo jet on the outside, the seats, aisles, and lavatories have been replaced with rooms that can comfortably accommodate two to four guests. Oh, but if staying in planes get you excited, let us point you to this Israeli restaurant in a 747 (not a lot of info on that one), an airplane house in Oregon, and of course, the famous David Hertz-designed desert version. Additionally, an outfit called Max Power Aerospace in Tennessee will build and deliver your custom-made 727 home (pictured; starting in the low $200,000s, according to the web site). Judging from their budget web site design, they don't sell many, but they do provide deliciously Photoshopped images and a step-by-step guide to the refurbishing process. Considering the world-domination attained by IKEA, buying into Swedish Jumbo Hostel franchise may be a better idea.--Lynda Rivers