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Gay Bashing? Vandals Tear Up WeHo Park

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That blink-and-you'll-miss-it park at the corner of Santa Monica and Crescent Heights in WeHo has been hit by vandals, reports the WeHo News. The park—officially called the Matthew Shepard Human Rights Triangle—was vandalized Thursday and Saturday evenings, with two trees that honored gay rights leaders knocked down. A Chinese Magnolia, planted for activist Morris Kight, was hit hardest (limbs broken off and pretty much toppled over), while a California Live Oak named for advocate Ivy Bottini was bent over and left wobbling. UPDATE: David Gardner, the city's landscape maintenance supervisor, tells us both trees can be salvaged; Bottini's has probably been restaked already. Kight's will be cleaned up and restaked, though it'll be a thinner shell of its former self. Oh, and the PD are investigating. [Photo via WeHo News] [WeHo News]