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Rent Check: Gregory Ain-Designed Townhouse

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It might be a stretch to say that one upside of the economy is more pedigreed architecture coming onto the rental market. But let's say that anyway. There are even a few bargains to be had. Neutras, Schindlers and even an Ain, oh my! Now for rent, The Dunsmuir Flats has an available two-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath townhouse designed by Gregory Ain in 1937. The unit features hardwood floors, washer/dryer, and a south facing patio with a garden. According to Architectural Record, the Dunsmuir Flats are "....complete homes for four small families, each with a private patio, cross ventilation, and sunlight in all rooms, and as much privacy for each one of the units as is usually obtained in detached single-family dwellings." Available April 15th, monthly rent is $2,850. [Photos of Dunsmuir Flats tour by flickr user formwerks ]
· $2850 / 2br - Gregory Ain Townhouse Classic [Craigslist]