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Artists Asked to Make "Gateway" to San Gabriel Valley

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Think of those great city landmarks--from the St. Louis Arch to the Seattle Space Needle to the Springfield, Massachusetts Baseball Hall of Fame--that help indicate that you have arrived at your destination. The Pasadena Star-News recently reported that artists are being asked to submit proposals for a design for a proposed bridge on the Foothill (210) Freeway that would help celebrate the San Gabriel Valley. According to the paper, the artists would receive a budget of $20,000 and work with an engineering team chosen by Metro Gold Line. Via the Star-News: "'In this particular region in Southern California, this type of thing has not been done,' said Lesley Elwood, a public art consultant hired by Metro Gold Line for the project. 'We're looking for the art itself to be an iconic statement and a gateway to the San Gabriel Valley. The 739-foot bridge would traverse the eastbound 210 diagonally from Santa Anita Avenue...Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority CEO Habib Balian said his agency wants the project to transcend the "plain vanilla Caltrans bridge" and work both practically and artistically.' Included in the accompanying PN slide show: Local architect Benjamin Ball of Ball-Nogues Studio. He's rubbing his chin and clearly scoping out the scene. Money's on Ball! Meanwhile, you can download the request for proposals here. According to the paper, artists have till April 28th to submit preliminary designs. [Image via PSN]
· Welcome to the Valley: Proposed bridge would become region's landmark [Pasadena Star-News]