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Santa Monica Considers Freeway Capping*

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The LA Times is reporting that last week the Santa Monica City Council moved forward on plans to study capping the 10 Freeway between 17th and 14th streets. Like the proposed Hollywood Freeway Cap plan, which would put a park atop the 101 Freeway from Bronson Avenue to Santa Monica Boulevard, the goal is to increase green space (in this case, 7 acres would be added, according to paper). The Santa Monica Mirror also covered the City Council meeting, reporting that if this park goes forward, there would be at least one casualty: The area Holiday Inn would be lopped (and grow fatter). Via the paper: "The cap park would require the shortening of the Holiday Inn, which would be allowed to make up for the lost vertical space by expanding horizontally." [LA Times/ Santa Monica Mirror] UPDATE: The Lookout News has images of the proposed park. And there's some confusion about whether this is five acres or seven acres. UPDATE: It seems as if there are two different cap proposals in Santa Monica; the Holiday Inn is referenced in the second proposal.