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Tim Gunn Loves Ralph's, Hates Jaywalkers

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2009-03-gunnIn a perfect world, "Project Runway"'s Tim Gunn would be our life coach and best friend. Hey, it turns out he already loves LA. There's hope for our future lives together as BFFs after all. USA Today asked the reality TV star and fashion guru Gunn where he's been recently that he liked or was surprised by and it turns out his latest stint here made him a convert: "I fell in love with Los Angeles! I found it to be a cultural treasure chest, with fabulous museums, architecture, and entertainment. And the weather was so sunny and sublime that I actually began to long for a cloud to pass by. Furthermore, I embraced the city as a pedestrian (!) and greatly respected the jaywalking enforcements, which I wish were in place in my dear home of New York, because it makes navigation so much safer and civilized. Finally, everyone should experience Ralph's, a fabulous food emporium that's unlike anything that we have here in New York. I shopped there every day. It was my therapy!" Given that the Title Guarantee building was some sort of home base for the show, and the FIDM was involved, likely Gunn was walking distance to the downtown Ralph's ? [USA Today]