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Downturn Brings Ugliness, Apologies in Venice

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This under-construction house at 1097 Palms has been fenced off and sitting idle for as long as we can remember, and for many, many months there was a sign on the property that stated: "78 Designs and a [Blacked out Name] Are Not Involved in 1097 Palms." Presuming 78 Designs is some sort of design company? Now there is another new sign covering the older sign, a message from the apparent developers, apologizing for the mess and offering a May finish date. At least the line of communication is open. Meanwhile, this street may be ground zero for real estate shenigans/disasters: Not only is the $1 million Venice dog on this stretch of Palms, but that failed rehab is a few doors down, and the twice-baked home is across the street.
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