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CurbedWire: Summit on Sixth Move-Ins, Shotguns Bring In Questions

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KOREATOWN: In addition to the Solair building wrapping up work, the other big Koreatown project finishing soon is the Summit on Sixth, a former office building to condo conversion (although 95 percent of the building is new). And like the Solair, the folks at Summit on Sixth are giving a move-in date of late May. [Curbed Staff]

: Who knows anything about the action on Saturday? A reader writes: "I was driving down Wilshire Boulevard between Kingsley and Normandie on the afternoon of Saturday the 28th, and there were anywhere from nine to a dozen police cars, lights spinning, and a number of police on the south side of the street where the banks and such are, one of them standing next to a pillar with a shotgun out. I didn't think it was wise to stop and rubberneck. Does anybody know what was going on?"