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Waiting on a Crane

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The Art Newspaper takes a look at that giant dangling Jeff Koons-train planned for LACMA, reporting the $25 million sculpture will be the most expensive piece ever commissioned by a museum (a $20 million Richard Serra commissioned by the Guggenheim Bilbao recently held the record). And how about this for progress, eh? The paper reports that scanning of a train model is now going on at the New Mexico Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society in Albuquerque. Additionally, the slowdown in construction could actually help speed up the train's arrival because LACMA director Michael Govan says that the museum is now waiting on a crane. “We have to get a crane,” he [says.] “They were tough to come by in the old economy—you used to have to get on a waiting list—but it’s getting easier." Koons' 70-foot-long replica of an old-time steam locomotive is planned as an outdoor piece for the Los Angeles museum. [Art Newspaper]