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Hometending: Legally Squat Your Way to a Beautiful Home

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NBC4 Los Angeles reported yesterday on the trend of the week: hometending. While banks wait to sell foreclosed homes, they need folks to keep up appearances by filling the space with their furniture and accessories, tidy up, and make the residences safer with their presence. What do the professional squatters get out of the deal? A major break on rent. The NBC story mentioned a hometender who was paying $1,100 on a Toluca Lake house that would have gone for over $3,000. Additionally, this site is advertising some deals in San Antonio, Texas (seen above), while closer to home, here's a designer hometending company with an office in Los Angeles. There are also some hometending listings on Craigslist (here's a three-bedroom in the Hollywood Hills renting for $1,100 a month). A few caveats to hometending: you can't smoke, can't have pets, and could get the boot within a few days notice.

· Get a Full Size Home on the Cheap [NBC4 Los Angeles]