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CurbedWire: Gold Line Hats, Next American City Conference

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DOWNTOWN: Not sure when it happened, but those awnings-- that were just skeletons last fall--are now covered. This is all part of the Gold Line construction (new rail) downtown and these awnings will provide shade for travelers. Per the rendering, you also may or may not be getting some nice new trees. The Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension is expected to be done by this summer. [Curbed Staff]

WASHINGTON, DC: Go represent in DC. The people from Next American City write in to say they are holding their first annual conference, the Next American Vanguard conference, from May 20-21. "The conference is designed to bring together the future generation of urban leaders - people who are making an impact in their city - with the idea that we can create a network of these individuals from across the country and help strengthen the work they are doing by making connections and providing resources...we will be inviting 30 inspiring individuals from across the country to discuss our role in shaping the future of cities. To apply for the Next American City Vanguard, please visit" [Curbed InBox]